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U11, U13 and U15 levels are currently at capacity and registration...
2017 Newton Youth Lacrosse Spring Registration Information
Registration for the 2017 year is now open. Please be on alert as...
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U11, U13 and U15 levels are currently at capacity and registration has closed.   U9 (Learn to Play) will remain open until further notice.


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posted 02/14/2017
2017 Newton Youth Lacrosse Spring Registration Information

Registration for the 2017 year is now open. Please be on alert as there is a new MBYLL pre registration process in place vs. the old National US Lacrosse registration we have done in the past. It’s not as smooth as I’d like, but it’s what we have to work with. I ran a test transaction through it this morning, and everything is spun up nicely. Please read this email in full before you begin so you now what to expect, as you go through the pre registration, and NYL registration steps.  
MBYLL stands for Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League. It’s the league most of the youth programs participate in for Massachusetts. Since you will require a pre registration MBYLL number to register your son in the Newton Lacrosse system, I think it’s best to go to their site first, so you already have that number once you actually register in the Newton Lacrosse admin system. Go to and click on the Registration box found in the left hand menu bar. The link for the MBYLL pre reg can be found right on the Newton Lacrosse registration page. Simply highlight the link in your age group, right click on it, cut and paste into a new browser window, and hit enter. This will take you to MBYLL’s web site. Create a new user name and password here and follow the steps to set up the MBYLL pre registration. 
What your doing is creating a new pre reg number, and paying a $40 registration fee. This fee is how MBYLL/US Lacrosse cover's the player for insurance purposes, among other things. Simply put in your sons name, and all relevant info about him, but leave the MBYLL number box empty, as well as the US Lacrosse box empty when you see that spot as you go through the registration page. The second page you have to click to “agree” boxes for 3 different legal questions. Just follow along. The next page is the pay page and finally, the user get's the MBYLL number at the end of the pre registration process. Write down that number (should be 7 digits) when you see it generated (will be at the top of the page) and log out of the MBYLL site. 
Then go back to, locate the register tab down the left hand side, and scroll to the correct age group your son falls into, and clicking on the green  “REGISTER” button next to the appropriate program. 
If you are new to Newton Lacrosse, you will set up a new profile in our system. If you are coming back, you will log in and see your son’s information in there and you can use that. On the first page of the Newton Lacrosse registration system you will see a box asking for the MBYLL code, and it’s here where you will insert that code you created in the MBYLL system. You can’t move on if you don’t have a code so get the code first, as described above and it will be smooth sailing for you with Newton Lacrosse’s system. 
If you require anything uniform related, a new piece, or an entirely new one to get started, you buy that directly from our supplier Atlantic-they drop ship it to you directly. You can use the old one from last year if you still have it. Their web store link is listed down the left hand menu under “Uniforms”. Emails will generate at every step with a link to that for convince, so you have a receipt. Further communication will be coming so we can get everyone registered as quickly as possible. Please register early as this helps us plan for teams, coaches, field time, and supplies. 

by posted 11/09/2016

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by Newton Lacrosse posted 11/19/2014


1. Lacrosse Helmet* (NOCSAE-approved helmet). No hockey helmets.  Sorry.
2. Lacrosse Shoulder Pads*
3. Lacrosse Arm Pads*
4. Lacrosse Gloves*
5. Lacrosse Rib Pads recommended for attackmen
6. Cup
7. Mouthguard
8. Cleats - Are a MUST
9. Socks
10. Lacrosse Stick ( see below)
11. NEWTON LACROSSE -issued Reversible Practice Jerseys**

**NEW this year we are requireing ONLY NEWTON "swag" be worn during Newton sponsored games and practices.  Your cooperation is anticipated. 

by posted 10/01/2014


N. North Turf =N/A

N. South Turf =N/A
McGrath Grass =N/A

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